Frequently Asked Questions/ Sea Swivel

  • What is the size of the main allen key bolt?
  • What is the size of the main nut?
1¹/16 "
  • Does the Sea Swivel fit the new Minn Kota Quest ulterra and terrova?
Yes it does with the RTA 55/56 quick release bracket.
  • Can I bolt the trolling motor directly to the top plate? 
No, you will need a quick release bracket. 
  • How much space is needed to install a Sea Swivel?
All you need is 8"X 8" flat mounting surface with access underneath to tighten mounting bolts.
  • What do I do if I have a toe kick, cleat, nav light or another obstacle in my way?
We sell ¾" and a 1½" riser kits that raise the Sea Swivel high enough to clear obstructions on the deck. 
  • What keeps the trolling motor from swiveling while in stowed position? 
The Sea Swivel plate naturally has friction and will not move on its own. Also we recommend a trolling motor support arm which will also keep it still offshore.
  • Why doesn't Sea Swivel come with a lockable stowed position?
Having a predetermined lockable stowed position, while it sounds convenient, this would not work for everybody's application since every boat is different and every stowed position angle is different. The end user or installer can drill a 3/8 inch hole in the desired stowed position where the pin can lock if desired. 
  • Why doesn't the Sea Swivel have multiple deployed positions?
Multiple deployed positions is completely unnecessary since all that you are trying to accomplish is to get the trolling motor shaft to clear the rub rail. Adding multiple locking positions would weaken the material of the base plate. 
  • What is galling of the bolt?
Galling or as some people refer to it as "cold welding" is something that happens when 2 stainless steel objects are tightened together under load causing the 2 metals to weld to each other. It's very important to apply grease or tef-gel to prevent this. 
  • What happens if the bolt and nut assembly have galled and cannot be tightened or loosened?
Unfortunately if this has happened the only way to get them apart is to cut the bolt to remove it and to purchase a new nut bolt assembly through our website. 
  • What is the Sea Swivel made from?
All of our brackets are machined out of 7075T6 billet aluminum it is then bead blasted and hard anodized coated for the strongest and longest lasting marine finish available. Also our pull pin assembly and hardware are passivated 316 stainless steel.