The Ultimate Trolling Motor Mount ™️


  • Maneuverability and Positioning

    The Sea Swivel offers a heavy-duty pivoting bracket that allows users to easily maneuver the trolling motor into the correct position while deployed. This is especially useful for maintaining proper control and direction while fishing or navigating in different conditions.

  • Adjustable Stowed Position

    The ability to adjust the stowed position of the trolling motor to match the angle of the boat is a significant advantage. This means that the trolling motor won't interfere with anchor hatches or hang off the side of the boat when not in use, enhancing the boat's aesthetics and functionality.

  • High-Quality Materials

    The use of 7075T6 precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy, commonly found in the aerospace industry, ensures the Sea Swivel's durability and strength. This material choice suggests that the product is designed to withstand the rigors of marine environments and provide longevity.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    The anodized finish is designed to protect the Sea Swivel from the harsh marine environment, which typically includes exposure to saltwater and other corrosive elements. This coating enhances the product's ability to resist rust and other forms of corrosion over time.

  • Stainless Lock Pin and Hardware

    The utilization of all 316 stainless lock pins and mounting hardware further enhances the product's resistance to corrosion, as 316 stainless steel is known for its exceptional corrosion resistance properties, making it well-suited for marine applications.

  • Backing Plate for Strength

    The inclusion of a pre-cut backing plate to be placed under the mounting surface is a smart design choice. This additional plate strengthens the installation area, reducing the risk of damage or failure due to stress or strain over time.

  • Easy Installation

    The patent-pending design and single bolt mounting system contribute to streamlined installation processes. This can be a significant selling point for customers, as it saves time and effort during setup.

  • Universal Compatibility

    The Sea Swivel stands out as a versatile solution, seamlessly accommodating all makes, models, and sizes of trolling motors. Makes install a breeze and comes pre-drilled for the quick release brackets




    Quick release bracket models RTA 54/62 (fits all 36V permanent magnet motors)


    Instinct Quest

    Terrova Quest

    Ulterra Quest

    Quick release bracket RTA 55/56 (fits all new Brushless/Quest motors)

    *Minn Kota RTA17 (fits all 24v motors for Smaller units)

    Also fits quick release mounts for the following

    *Garmin Kraken 24v/36v

    *Rhodan large mount 6 bolt 36v 84"/96"/108"

    *Rhodan smaller mount 4 bolt 24v

    *Power Pole Move PV 36V/24V

  • Lifetime Warranty

    SeaSwivel offers a limited lifetime warranty

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